Monday, September 10, 2012

Back To Basics - Magpie Tales


‘Breakfast’ – Fernand Leger

Back to Basics
Fresh Starts
Simple Truces
These Things Are A Given
We Come Together Everyday
Mixing Juice And Whisking Eggs
Arranging Things Just So On Plates
Welcoming The Morning Sun
Heading Off After A Kiss
Making the Day
A Renewal
Home Again To Share
Woes Triumphs Routines
Joys Frustrations Humor Angst
All The World Throws At Us
Distilled Black And White At OurTable
Me Salt You Pepper Life As It Should Be

                                                                                                           A Grain
                                                                                                           Of Truth

What kind of poetry is this that is placed in a particular shape? I remember playing with it as an  exercise in an English Composition class way back in the day, but the term for this type of layout escapes me ... like so much else. At any rate, I have played with Leger's modern painting to portray the couple's life reduced to black and white, salt and pepper, basic spices that make life bearable.

This poem is shared on Tess Kinkaid's writing share ... a sumptuous offering at the table of life. Go feast on the words ...





  1. I especially like "me salt you pepper"...they are good together...

  2. that is very the concrete shape but also you do get a kernel of truth in there as well...i like the feel of that renewal...

  3. And the hour-glass shape fit right in.

  4. I loved the shape of your togetherness within the spirit of what you have written here. The bonding is strong without question. Beautifully crafted, and I thank you for sharing this, Susan. =D

  5. This is just wonderful ... words, content, shape, intent.

  6. I think Tess nailed it, and the shape I took to be a one-red-rose vase. That fits the mood.

    1. Haha! I actually meant it to mirror the pepper mill that's in the painting ... me salt your pepper ... but I'm liking the romance of the bud vase!

  7. Oh I hate to repeat it, but me salt you pepper...sure does sum up life...excellent poem!

  8. So much truth here... packaged so beautifully.