Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Mag 176 - A Lady's Resolve

Image Credit: Super Moon - New York - Julio Cortez

A Lady’s Resolve

She never thought it would be easy -
She stepped into a concept
She settled into a nation’s psyche
She watched nascent dreams grow
She suffered the flaws of fanatics
She shook away the cynic’s acid
She raised the strong arm of resolution
She steeled herself for posterity’s sake
She softened her face for the new
She shook her tablet at the established
She looked up and away

She never said it would be easy -
this welcoming of strangers
this holding high the hallowed lamp
this watching the skies
this picking up rubble
this pushing aside fear
this building anew
this act of forgiveness
this moving on
this raising a new bastion of freedom
this clearing collective vision for the future

Lindquist – 7/11/1/3 

Initially, the second verse was the first verse .... but then ... personifying Lady Liberty seemed a fun way of approaching this prompt. The things that have happened around this monument are stupifying ... if only she could talk to us.

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  1. I absolutely love Lady Liberty coming to life, gloriously.. with conviction, strength ... everything our country was founded on ~~
    is about.

  2. Yes, I liked the personification. Very effective.