Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday Snapshot --- A Day Late, But Oh, So Pretty

Last week, I went to Washington DC for a short vacation. After spending a couple days on the National Mall with a million other tourists, I retreated to The National Portrait Gallery, which is a bit off the beaten path at the Gallerie Place Metro stop.  It was quiet and serene. I was all alone in many of the small gallery rooms and it was just what I needed. The benches were upholstered, the light soft and spotted on lovely art and the docents and security guards were amiable and soft-spoken.

This gallery of Deco era pieces was sublime. I wish I could have captured this image with more clarity, but you get the idea ... the La Farge windows are heavenly. I related immediately, as I have been reading Susan Vreeland's historical novel about Louis Tiffany and his shop of Tiffany girls directed by Clara Driscoll. La Farge was a competitor of Tiffany's during the early 1900's.

A painting from the same gallery ... why can't I make wreaths like this one ??? 

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  1. Sounds like pleasant moments spent. I don't believe that I have ever had a viewing room in any gallery all to myself!

  2. I will be returning to see exactly what I wrote...I caught a glimpse as it flipped off the page and I did not like what I saw! = D

  3. Yet, another lovely, edifying post, Susan. Very interesting.

  4. I just love art galleries that look like that- such a beautiful space- what a pleasure to have it all to yourself.

  5. So beautiful! I bet you could have sat there for hours.