Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - Christmas Sewing Complete!

This little elf was a busy one in the days right before Christmas! By Christmas Eve, the final binding was being sewn onto the quilt that I gifted to my friend who lives next door.

Jenna's favorite color is purple, so I used a pattern from the 'block of the month' challenge that is a routine in my little quilt guild to make her the most randomly purple quilt that I could. I think she liked it!

It will fit on her twin-sized bed and can be a wall hanging down the line or a couch coverlet. It really came out nicely. Merry Christmas, Jenna! Thanks for all your good company and all the love you give to the kitties and Corgis here in the grey cottage!

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  1. That is a gorgeous quilt! I'm sure your neighbor loved it!

  2. Purple is my favourite colour too- I'm sure she loved it- it's beautiful.

  3. What a special present - thoughtful & generous & unique. Jenna will cherish it always :-)

  4. What a beautiful gift. I love the pictures at the top with the quilting.

  5. That is so pretty! Did you do all that quilting by hand? Yowzer! Nothing like a big project just as Christmas is coming. Jenna must be a special friend indeed!

    1. Vee, I have a friend who takes my finished quilt 'sandwiches' and does a beautiful job of machine quilting them. I only hand quilt smaller pieces like baby quilts, table runners, place mats et cetera. I love doing the piecing and the final hand sewing ... choosing the colors for fabric and designing the quilt faces is my passion, and I'd never get to do as much of that if I insisted on doing the hand quilting it takes to complete twin-sized and larger quilts. I'm a girl who knows her limitations ...