Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Poetry Jam - Enough


Enough is enough, you say
The effigy of seasonal indulgence
Gets dragged outside
No ceremony now
The match is lit and up it goes
Enough is enough, you say
I sweep the remains and think
We don’t need this bag of fudge
I have two sweaters
He has three cans of nuts
Let’s pass some where they need to go
We have enough

Your cheeks are cold and red
The deed’s been done
The pile of booty is made
No ceremony here
We look at all the excess and say
Yes to passing around the wealth
So sweaters socks fudge nuts scarves
Find their way to need and want
I touch your cheeks kiss you soundly
Kiss you again again again
Four times and more
That may be enough

Enough - This is the word that I will hold close this year. I resolve to have enough and no more. If more comes, I resolve to share it so others may have enough. Simple and simplifying ... 

shared at Poetry Jam


  1. You have me reflecting on how much is enough! Ha, how much is enough fudge? (For me, enough is none at all, as if I have it in the house it would be gone all too soon. And you?) And three cans of nuts definitely would be more than sufficient. Your poem made me think about excesses and how much any of us needs. Some of us have more than enough to share! But kisses? One can never have enough. Smiles.

  2. This is a lovely idea--sharing when we realize we have enough rather than saving up spares. Love the photo as well. Doesn't look like that will ever burn in all that snow! And really I think more kisses may be needed.

  3. I am impressed with your resolution, Susan. I can declutter I think but I know there are also a few objects I like. I agree however that being with the one we love is what matters above all.

  4. Enough. Contentment. Generosity. I loved the themes in your writing!

  5. This is such a good message, Susan. Our planet is groaning under the weight of excess and waste and more, more, more. I love, too, that you opted to (not simply discard but to) try and find a need to be filed with things you do not have a use for.

  6. this is such a nice action "giving" especially to those in need, this is what holds our planet in good stead

    best wishes; thank you for visiting my blog

    much love...

  7. What a thoughtful word: enough, and creative resolution: to share. Good on you! ~ Happy New Year!

  8. Great message here, Enough is a great word, we would all do a lot better if we knew where to stop and what to stop.

  9. Susan, this is such an inspiration and freeing resolution. I love this poem and your generosity. Happy New Year!!

  10. This is very uplifting to read. I find Christmas to be such a time of excess, wonderful to share the booty with others. Yay! I love this!

  11. Very inspiring to read - to be content with enough ~ For me the word connotes being grateful with our blessings ~ Happy New Year ~

  12. Glad to see no stinting on the kisses !

  13. To have enough is being fair! Having enough and fairness as a principle is good to transcend the new year with. Wonderful thoughts Susan!


  14. I'm blessed that I was raised good enough to know how to appreciate what is given to me and for what I work hard to achieve. A lot of people get things served to them on a platter and they'll whine about wanting more than that. I just don't understand it. Everyone should be happy with what they have and strive to better themselves in a positive manner, not through petty money or items that don't mean anything. Great poem!