Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Snapshots ...

There's still a great deal of snow in the Northeast... let that be said.

So much snow leads to indoor activities that become obsessive...

One has to fortify oneself with tempting foods ...

There always seems to be just ONE MORE snowfall to clean up after ...

It takes a lot of carbs to keep one's energy level stoked for snow shovelling.

Even Mimi looks forward to extra doggie treats after a snowy Frisbee romp.

Me? I look for color in a white world ...

... and dream of summertime flowers.

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  1. In Australia it's very hard to imagine living with that much snow - it looks beautiful from this side of the lens (& with thousands of miles in between)!

    The coloured discs on your window are a gorgeous idea & Mimi's smiling face is a treat, esp with her powdering of snow ice:-)

  2. What a lovely mixture of the truly cold looking, and some warming inside shots. Love the quilt, and the doggie shot.

  3. Loved, loved, loved the photos in this post. You have a joyful way of experiencing life, Susan.

  4. What a great post Susan. I love your line "looking for colour in a white world". And you certainly found it. Those glass discs on the window are beautiful. As are your flowers. I love your dogs snowy face too, so happy at the door. The jam for your scone is almost luminous- and that black and white plate is gorgeous.