Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Snapshot - Spring!

Here I go again! This time, I'm making a quilt for a cause. Spring has arrived here in New Hampshire, but the winter cold just holds on. It snowed yesterday and is flurrying today, the second day of Spring. I am in need  of color, so I've pre-washed and ironed the colors of sunshine and warm summertime skies and am starting a quilt that will be donated to a child in foster care who needs some love and care.

The borders, backing and edging are purchased and waiting for a pre-wash and ironing, before I begin cutting the pieces. As long as this cold weather continues, I'll keep on piecing quilts. For all my friends out there in cyberspace that like sewing, this quilt is being made as part of an on-line project called Hands2Help. If you're curious, you can click on the image in my sidebar here at Buch Handling and it will take you to Sarah Craig's site, Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Sarah is organizing the project and has a great introductory post that explains the charities and deadlines for completing the quilts.

I lamented the lack of crocuses and daffodils this week. Instead of moping too much, SB and I hosted a St Patrick's Day dinner party and bought a big bouquet of Easter color flowers. Spring colors are perking me up! The real deal out in the yard can't be too far off! Happy Spring!

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  1. What a wonderful project, and I love all of those prints. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. Beautiful will show the quilt, right? Beautiful flowers, too. What a fright we had listening to the evening weather report...50 mph winds and snow tomorrow. Ugh. Spring so rarely is on time.

  3. You've had a rough winter didn't you? Glad you're seeing and enjoying spring. These are lovely flowers and what a great cause for the beautiful quilt in your plan. All the best! ;)

  4. What beautiful colours you've picked for the quilt. That will be a lucky child to receive such a special gift. Your flowers are so pretty too. I hope your real spring arrives soon.