Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hands 2 Help Update ... Card Trick Quilt !

So, it's check in day with the other quilters that are participating in the Hands 2 Help charity quilting event that Sarah Craig is hosting ! I'm a bit late, as life has been very busy of late! 

For my quilt, I chose the colors of Provence to make a really cheerful quilt top that is a variation on the Card Trick quilt pattern. It's a project that I have wanted to complete for a couple years. I found the project in a quilting magazine that a friend passed off to me when she was cleaning out her sewing studio. 

This past February, my family lost our sweet little niece, Angela to a sudden illness that caused her to have catastrophic heart failure. So, this quilt is being made in her memory and donated to 'Because You Matter'. Just looking at the sky blues and sunny yellows makes me think of Angie and her bright happy spirit. 

I finished the quilt top last week and put the border strips on the other afternoon. Now it will be machine-quilted ... my goal is to have the quilt complete and ready for shipping by the mid-May.


  1. My condolences for your loss of your sweet niece. What a wonderful way to memorialize her. It's a beautiful pattern.

  2. Such happy can't go wrong with yellows and blues. Hands2Help sounds like a very worthy project. I am sorry to read about Angela. What a very difficult loss for her family. Doing something positive, as you have done, is a wonderful way to honor her.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your niece. Having lost a beloved family member far too early in her chock-a-block full, exuberant, wonderful life, I know that the grieving comes in wave after wave of reminiscences for a long, long time ... though, with the passage of time and meaningful endeavors it is possible to harken back to that "bright happy spirit" with serenity in fond remembrance. A lovely triumph, Susan.