Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Snapshot ... This I Believe

It's Saturday morning and it's starting to feel like summertime. The gardens are coming on. While the comfrey draws hoards of fat bumbling bees and the chive plants draw me out to cut long spears for snipping over mashed taters or tearing and adding to the garden green salads that are plentiful now, the finest of early June flowers fade in the porch bouquet. The white bleeding heart has crisped its hearts on the stem and the deep purple columbine has dropped its delicate petals in a perfect circle beneath the flowers. Their time was glorious, but gone and it reminds me that time is fleeting.

Our time is short in the scheme of things and we'd best chew the chives, enjoy the greens, dig in the soil to set the basil and move on to other good garden deeds. Sharing the strawberries with the neighbors and the chipmunks, dividing the perennials and passing some on to friends, scrubbing the watering can and sprinkling the rose bushes with some insecticidal soap so they come to bloom, rising in a sweat from weeding chores to wave a neighbor on their way down the dirt road, making time to sit in the garden and sip coffee on sunny mornings, and marveling at the seasonal splendor seems crucial these days. These flowers, these berries, these opportunities for connection, this sunrise will never be again. They're to be appreciated now and wondered on ...

Indeed, time is fleeting. It's never too early to realize that we are a speck in the grander scheme of things. We have very little chance of making a difference in the grand scheme of God's plan, but we can surely make great things happen in our little 'back yard'. So my thought is to care for plants, animals, and friends - new, old, and unknown. If I can live this premise, I can't go wrong.

This, I believe.


  1. A wonderful write, Susan . . . awesome pics and post and a life-affirming attitude and perspective. Very cool!

  2. Gorgeous pic - love how the bright flowers are set against the muted brightness of the light from the window. And what a gorgeous passage you've written! Really enjoyed that - you've captured the season perfectly.

    Enjoy the weekend -


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  3. You are so wise. Thank you for the reminder that life is short and that we need to act now.

  4. Chive flowers! I knew I recognised those, they're always so pretty. And yes we do need to take time to stop and appreciate the things around us.

  5. A speck? No, no, much more than that. Otherwise, I am nodding in agreement. You said it so well. I am looking out the window at my chives all flowering and they are making me hungry! I think we'll be having some for supper and all thanks to your delightful description.

    Not sure about summer's having arrived on a cool day like today (though I am loving it). I am grateful for the kids' sakes that the weather has cooled this week with them still in school through the 22nd. It'll be a short summer for them.

  6. Wonderful thoughts indeed, nice of you to share!