Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - Art Imitates Nature

I started out looking at the adorable robin who sat atop his nest waiting for his mother to deliver the goods ... but as I stood there, I became intrigued by the floodlight on which his nest was resting ...
hence, I have two themes for this Saturday Snapshot.

This little guy sure is sweet, don't you think? His mother was pretty ticked off that I was craning closer to her little fledgling, judging by the squawking and fluttering about ... so I finally left the  vicinity.

... little bony legs that seems very long to me

... and another kind of combwork

It's been a couple weeks since I entered a post for Saturday Snapshot at Alyce's blog, at home with books. It's time to return to check out what everyone else has found visually interesting this week. Click the above link and check out the photoshare ... I'll meet you there! 


  1. A very clear shot of the pattern on that light! It put me in mind of snakeskin at first. The robin is very cute.

  2. I love seeing fledglings! I guess the birds and wasps can live in harmony. I bet you've enjoyed watching that bird's nest.

  3. The way the light mimics a honeycomb is really interesting. Is that a bit of honeycomb in the top left corner? I also think last weeks picture with the reflection in the puddles is absolutely amazing.

    1. Hey Sim ... paper wasps are plentiful around this grey cottage and they start nests alllll over the place! This is the very beginning of one that you see in that top corner of the third photo ... so neat that the light bulb mimics its design though, huh?

  4. I love that photo of the light, but very glad to see the fledgling robin too. I'm always astonished at home fine and spindly most birds legs are.