Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Snapshot ... Summer Color!

Welcome to my flower garden ...

The other day I strolled out toward the vegetable patch, thinking I might gather greens for a lunch salad. My blue bowl came back in, though, full of the various annual and herbal flowers that we have tucked in all over the back yard. Yes, there were some of the wild field volunteers that have made it into my flower beds too.

The sun coming in from the kitchen skylights was intense, but I still like this picture of the pretty little bouquets that I made for the kitchen island and dining room table ... golly, I love summertime blooms!

I'm predictable. I always plant the same happy zinnias and bachelor buttons. The marjoram (or is it oregano) blossoms and the Black-eyed Susans are taking over my terrace bed, with the feverfew gaining a foothold too! I don't care. I love that topsy turvy look of my terrace. I love the bumblebees, and floral wasps, the butterflies, and even the predatory wasps that have taken up residence beneath the terrace bricks.

Visitors are intimidated by the predatory wasps, but I'm not. I love watching them kick the sand up out of their nesting chambers. I love watching them carry in cabbage butterfly caterpillars, katydids, and grasshoppers for their egg-laying ventures. I am fascinated by the Darwinian process that is taking place right at my feet.

Next week, I'll try to have photos of these incredible insects! For now, I hope you enjoy my posies. I never did get that lunch salad. We had salad for supper, instead.

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  1. They are really colourful. You've obviously had better weather than us - the rain has drowned everything!

  2. What a beautiful burst of colour! Your picture would make a lovely postcard :)

  3. It's exciting to have such lovely colour in your own garden, lovely pictures.

  4. That is a wonderful mix of colors! I can definitely see why you opted to return to your house with flowers instead of veggies!