Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Snapshot ...

Here comes the Christmas season! Here in my little grey cottage, we do Christmas a little at a time ... I have an Advent calendar that comes out on the weekend after Thanksgiving Thursday. It has little pockets with strips of paper that have small tasks, fun activities, reading ideas, et cetera printed on the small slips of paper. Each day I try to complete that one small activity and before you know it, the cookies are baked, the presents are wrapped, the fun books read, the house is decorated (and not overly so), and we are ready to celebrate on a quiet Christmas Eve ...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. If you love all the rushing about and over-indulgence and mania that Christmas preparations can bring, have at it! But if you like a slower and more mellow approach to the holidays, I bid you peace and quiet and contemplation ... and I will be right there along side you in spirit. Merry Christmas !

Yesterday, I sat by the fire and made a bow for our front door wreath. And then, my husband and I hung it on the outside of the storm door. It's really cold here in New England. I came back inside and we stoked the fires in the woodstoves. I started painting a mirror frame for the bathroom mirror. Thanksgiving leftovers made meals more like browsing fests ... a relaxing way to start the holiday season, don't you think?

My first Christmas wish is that we get some snow soon ... just a bit ... to make things pretty for when we walk down into the woods to cut more greens for the vases and picture frames around the cottage. What are your Christmas wishes?

I'm sharing my wreath snapshot with others on today's Saturday Snapshot over at West Metro Mommy Reads, Melinda's blog. Head on over to see what others are posting! Happy Saturday!


  1. I can't believe it's Christmas already. Love the way you prepare for the Season. This is a beautiful Christmas ornament. Thanks for sharing ... looking at it makes me all excited about Christmas. I'm always fascinated by New England... foliage in the fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm ready for Christmas too! But keep the snow up there, please! :) Love the wreath!

  3. I do love photos of Christmas decor....I need to get started on it. Thanks for sharing....and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. You're so organised! I bet your Christmas is amazing. Your wreath looks lovely. Of course we have a summer Christmas in Australia, so we try to keep it a bit more relaxed and languid. It's my sons birthday this week, and I don't start any Christmas preparations until after his birthday- when every year I realise with some shock that there's only three weeks to go...

  5. I love your idea of putting a little note inside the advent calender. Our 2 teenage boys have outgrown (almost!) their AC with little toys in it that make a nativity scene by the 25th. Maybe it's not too late to add little nots as a surprise :-)

  6. love the colors of the season..and love your Advent calendar.. i guess i have to take a page out of it.:)