Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Andres Institute of Art


A couple weekends ago, my husband and I had old friends visit. On Saturday, we were poking around the region that we live in (New Hampshire/Massachusetts border) and found this wayside art installation in the woods of Brookline, New Hampshire called Andres Institute of Art. It has a really interesting story that I'll link here.

The long and the short of it is that it's a series of trails up, around and over Bear Mountain in Brookline. Along the trails, are some of the most interesting modern sculpture and also some of the most bizarre modern sculpture that I've ever seen. There must be at least fifty sculptures placed in small cleared sites alongside several intersecting walking and mountain bike trails that criss-cross the mountain. The artists displaying their work are from all over the world - the Ukraine, Poland, Vermont, New York, Latvia, Viet Nam, France ...
the materials are varied  - marble, existing stone that is from the installation site, aged machine parts, metals, glass, 'found materials --- i.e. cast-off stuff'. It got to be a bit overwhelming because some of the pieces were just beyond our ken and we got a bit punch drunk towards the end of our visit. It was a fun day in the woods, though, and the sunshine and fresh air made us happy to be rambling along the trails.



Divergence close-up



Nearly Naked

Untitled ... but we called it Here's Johnnie!

After all that culture, we headed for LaBelle Winery for a tasting and then took off for a nice lunch at The Black Forest Cafe and Bakery . What a fun day with friends!

If you're ever in the vicinity ...

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  1. How wonderful to have a sculpture exhibit right in nature, among the trees and fallen leaves!

  2. What fun! I would love to take a hike to see these. "Seed" was my favorite but I liked the others, too. "Debate" made me laugh and "Ambush" made me think about the Revolutionary War in New England.

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Oh my, such creative artwork. Is the blobby thing a slug?

  4. The sculptures combined with the beautiful woodland must have made a really interesting day out. Finished with a winery seems like perfection. I like the seed best.

  5. I love it!
    We have Sculptures by the Sea once a year, which is a gorgeous walk along the cliff tops and down to the beaches.
    But one through the woods sounds just as much fun - great pics. Thanks for sharing.