Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Foliage - Saturday Snapshot

Pearly Pond March

Tell me if you do this, too. I drive to and fro and sometimes never look beyond the lane in front of me and the mirrors inside and to either side of the car. I park the car and walk to and fro on a mission. I move through my world and miss so much of what's around me in the rush to get things done. I swear that sometimes I don't even remember the passage because I have been thinking about some mundane thing or concentrating on getting 'somewhere' to get 'something' done. Do you ever find yourself doing the same?

This weeks Saturday Snapshot is a result of languidly looking aside as I passed one of the many swamps and marshes that dot my end of New Hampshire. The richness of the color palette literally made me stop the car and take a few moments out of a busy Saturday morning of errands to gaze and soak it in. I went home from shopping, got my camera and returned to capture it on film.

Happy Fall from my little corner of New England!

Cat Tail Reeds and Swamp Maples
Golden October
Marsh Panorama

These photos all come from a stretch of road that I have 'passed over' every time I go to the market. Note to self: Drive slower and look around more. It's amazing what you might see.

So there's my Saturday Snapshot ! There are more for you to see at Alyce's weekly photoshare. Click the link  - athomewithbooks . It's amazing what others have stopped to notice and document!



  1. Guess the new phrase should be "Stop and see the turning leaves." Great shots. I love the leaves reflected in the water. Here's Mine

  2. Gorgeous! I linked up some fall photos today as well, but our foliage is just beginning to turn so the colors are not as vivid yet as the one's displaying in New England. Thanks for sharing!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  3. Wow! I love fall...and your shots are a great reminder of how we need to look around us and not just pass through.

    I do that, too; looking straight ahead and thinking mundane thoughts.

    We miss so much that way! I'm going to try to see "around" me this week. Thanks!


  4. These are wonderful fall photos. I love the colours in sepia overtone. You live in a beautiful country indeed. -- Arti

  5. If only the beautiful colors would last a little longer. Your trees are a little ahead of us here in Chicago. Ours started to turn the last few days but the leaves are dropping already. I'm carrying my camera on all my walks this week. It's too beautiful not to stop and appreciate.

  6. Those are so serene and peaceful! Lovely photos!

  7. What absolutely gorgeous fall photos! They're all great, but I like that first one best.

    Here's my Snapshot.

  8. Lovely photos. It is really beautiful where you live. I am waiting for autumn to arrive, but it seems a bit late here this year.

  9. Gosh, your little corner of the world seems to have invented fall. How beautiful! And yes, sadly I have found myself moving through without seeing.

  10. Looks like you slowed down at just the right spot....enjoy the weekend♫

  11. What a beautiful reflection in that first photo! Thanks for the reminder to LOOK AROUND!

  12. Oh my such gorgeous photos. I love that first photo especially.

  13. Wow! Well done for stopping "to smell the roses" as they say. Your shots are stunning - glorious. A wonderful contrast to my Spring shots!
    My husband and I are fans of the TV series West Wing (we still watch old episodes in reruns) and have a thing for New Hampshire because that's where Jed supposedly governed before becoming President!

  14. Beautiful shots, and yes I do walk through life often blind to natures beauty that surrounds me...sometimes we need to stop and open our eyes...

    ANNa :o]