Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mag 138 - Fast Write Doggerel

Sick Woman – Jan Steen , 1665

Tongue In Cheek

I should have known better, dear Doctor -
The lampreys, the quail, and the leeks
I’ve eaten my weight in warm pompion
I’ll feel fat and bloated for weeks.

I should have known better, old Master.
The dinner board groaned with the weight -
The stew made with boar and white turnip
The tarts, nuts and sweetmeats we ate.

I should have known better, kind Counselor.
Now what is this woman to do ?
In payment for leeches, possets, and pats,
I’ve a shitload more cooking to do!

This week's Magpie Tales prompt has hit me where I live ... I spent the weekend entertaining, which meant cooking and cooking and cooking. It was a great time, but I am relating to that poor woman in the prompt.

Hence, a fast write with a nod to common doggerel ...


  1. Ha-ha-ha.
    And in such contemporary style as well. Lovely take. Did they have ant-acid tablets in the seventeenth century I wonder:-)

  2. Such an entertaining write!! Tums would come in handy!!

  3. Ha - I have that exact same amount of cooking to do in the next few days! Great write, your meter and rhyme are spot on.

  4. Common doggerel ... not on your life!

  5. Very playful and fun! thanks-

  6. Brilliant! We've all felt like that. You should link this to 'Weekend Cooking' -

  7. Love this!!! And I can totally relate. Thanks for linking.

  8. This is so cute and I agree with Beth F- we've all been there!

  9. Funny! Found your blog through Weekend Cooking. I haven't been doing a lot of cooking lately, but the holiday season is coming!