Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

“What cosmic dance these lights perform”,
I soft exclaimed upon that beach.
“No, sweet, you murmured in my ear,
 just particles on the solar wind.”
“Look how they move and undulate”,
I spoke with awe and clutched your arms,
wrapped tight around me from behind.
We stood quite still and watched the lights.

The waves broke soft upon that shore.
Breeze and water sang to the night.
Above, the sky opened ever more, 
As sheets of color swirled and swayed
Unconsciously, we moved with the dance,
leaned and twirled on planted feet.
All the while our necks bent upward,
Drinking the night and cosmic wind.

“Times like this are magic, you said,
they’ll not be repeated very soon.”
“I hope not, I whispered in your ear,
for this heart can’t stand such perfection”
So, the stars shone, the lights shimmered.
The waves curled in upon that shore.
And we, like drunken lovers, weaved
our cosmic dance back to our door.

- 3/16/13 

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  1. Lovely...'Drinking the night and cosmic wind'...wonderfully told...those Northern Lights are gorgeous!