Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reflection - Poetry Jam


I sat last evening and looked across –
no, through the yard and marveled -
what light and life and space is here!
On one plane -
I threw a Frisbee for Pete and Mimi.
Their wonder was the arc of flight
and the fight for ownership.
On another plane  -
The birds jostled the feeder.
They chortled, clicked, fluttered …
branch, perch, across the meadow to the pines.
Still, in another plane –
A frenzied swarm of gnats.
Their wonder seemed the cool air currents -
Whirling in a vortex and sweeping upward.
Entering, from another plane –
there came a squadron of dragonflies, dipping.
They gnashed and clicked their way
Darting through the swarm.
Mimi stopped mid-play, stopped and
watched what she could not compete with.
Her look of wonder mirrored mine, I’m sure.

I sometimes pause when I shower.
I stand and think in the steam –
Just stand -  thoughts follow invisible planes
The water runs down my nose –
falls to the shower floor.
I watch the path of the droplets the entire way –
through space and time and thought to the spatter.
Sometimes my life is in focus.

-Susan Miller-Lindquist 3/20/13


  1. Love your last stanza in particular. Lovely image.

  2. This is so vivid and thought-provoking. I love the shower scene- lol- and the ending line. A well-focused piece, Susan.

  3. the awe in the first bit there...marveling at the curve of the frisbee...and i have had those shower moments as well...ha...yeah i can relate for sure...very cool piece...

  4. Reflection at its finest .........

  5. I love it how you're so observant and really notice everything around you. So much to be enjoyed when you open your eyes and heart. Lovely poem :)

  6. There is so much to reflect on in an ordinary day, isn't there? Nice writing.

  7. I so enjoyed accompanying you on your reflection. Details are truly wondrous when we stop and really look and listen!

  8. I love your poems and that feeling of intimacy with a touch of the forlorn. Thinking through the steam just captures my imagination.

  9. ...i don't think we can ever pass a day without having a bit reflection of a single moment in our life or in a day... i like it when we can find time to talk with our God of silence... a very wonderful read and share Susan... i really enjoyed it.. thank you... smiles...

  10. I like to stand and think in the steam of the shower as well. Water for me is spiritual and a connection to the Divine.

  11. good reflection on your reflections :-)

  12. The last stanza particularly has something of the economy and depth of classic Chinese poetry.

    1. Now, I will have to research and see just what you mean in your critique, David. Thank you!