Sunday, February 16, 2014

Apartment To Let - Magpie Tales #207

Apartment To Let

Can’t tell me no one heard
The kid hid in the closet
Heard every smack and groan
Windows open to the night
Sirens screaming by below
Party in the place above
Breaking glass and laughing
There’s always a break you know
Everything stops for just a minute
The rest of the world butts in
Can’t tell me they didn’t hear her
Thumpin’ up against the walls
Fallin’ over furniture
Wailin’ like the sirens
Spittin’ blood and cryin’ out
Cursin’ life and love
Makin’ for the hallway
Puttin’ space between hurt and the baby
I hope the fucker fries
I hope the neighbors have bad dreams
I hope the curtains twitch and haunt
This neighborhood but good

... shared with others at Tess Kinkaid's writing share called Magpie Tales ... 


  1. Wow! Intense - Powerful - Just Excellent ! ! !

  2. Haunting images. Very intense.

  3. love this one!

    you've captured the essence of living in old run down apartment buildings in the inner city!

    stacy lynn mar

  4. Wow! what a story, what emotion! great work.