Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dandelion Days - Poetry Jam

Dandelion Days

Walking home from the library
I never stepped on sidewalk cracks
I clutched books close and climbed
Up and over the railroad tracks

Coming down the other side
Sneakers kicking dust and stone
I’d sometimes lose control and slide
Careening my way closer to home

Cross the road and up the street
Into the shade, away from the heat
Dark lush maple tree nods and sways
Cooling off those dandelion days

Up the hill to the little grey house
Round the back quiet as a mouse
A clothesline tent with pillows lush
A place to hide in summer’s hush

Beginner books that held me sway
And helped pass many a summer day
With words as lush as any flowers
Adventures to while away the hours

Ideas and dreams that oft took flight
Like dandelion seeds blown free
Seen in that tent’s soft dappled light
The books, the summer, the sun, and me

... a fast write shared at Poetry Jam ...


  1. Nostalgic... I like ideas and dreams as dandelion seeds.

  2. Evocative poem! I never heard the term "dandelion days" before, but this made me think of Ray Bradbury's classic memoir, Dandelion Wine.

  3. i grew up in books and stories as well...its where many of my dreams came from...i like how you took us the walk to get there...and approached the dandelions indirectly as a

  4. Loved the last verse - tent and sun and books . . . sigh . . . summer. The line "Like dandelion seeds blown free" - Beautiful!

  5. I enjoyed the wistfulness of your 'dandelion days'. As a child I spent hours reading in various places and can totally relate to your summer times. The closing stanza rounds up the poem in a most effective manner.

  6. Summer days, Dandelion days, seeds of the wind, the wonder and hope of life. Brilliantly captured.

  7. I used to avoid those sidewalk cracks too! I like the image of the "Ideas and dreams that oft took flight
    Like dandelion seeds blown free"

  8. I enjoyed this nostalgic journey into the paths and experiences of your childhood. Liked "the books, the summer, the sun, and me." Sounds a bit like my childhood as well. Smiles.

  9. Oh, those wonderful childhood tents! So many bits and pieces from a childhood I remember, too!

  10. I so enjoyed reading this! Felt I was right there with you in those dandelion days!

  11. A beautiful celebration of childhood! (Reminds me of mine!) And here's another one --- when you rubbed the dandelion on your chin, did you get dandelion "butter"?

  12. Ah, that strikes a familiar chord on my heart strings... Libraries, books and certainly dandelions in country lanes as one hurried home to read the borrowed treasures from the library! Those were the Dandelion Days!