Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Poetry Jam - This Evening Slicing Lemons

Painting: A Bowl of Lemons - Julian Merrow-Smith

This Evening Slicing Lemons

My sharp knife halves the orbs.
Oily fragrance coats my fingertips.
I twist juice from their yellow cups,
and in their mist I squint and see a yellow sun,
a bright green awning, the gnarled hands of 
that Spanish elder presenting me a 
burst of lemon coolness in the searing heat
of old Granada.

My fingers remember the slippery
chill of the red clay cup.
I can tilt my head back and feel the ache
from that first cold swallow.
I squint and see the Sierra Nevada
through the icy fumes rising
from that citrus nectar – 
all this,
all this before my kitchen counter.

shared at Poetry Jam


  1. Beautiful poem, and equally beautiful painting. Both resonate long after.

  2. mmm...first, love me some fresh lemon/lime..
    i like too that you attached it to a memory
    as i have some similar...very cool piece...
    all right there...taking you/us back

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Susan. Exquisite. What more can I say?

  4. It is so true that food has the power to bring back memories, even those we thought we had forgotten. Your poem illustrates this beautifully.

  5. First of all, I really like the painting that you shared. And secondly, your poem is stellar. Love the imagery...such as
    "the gnarled hands of
    that Spanish elder presenting me a
    burst of lemon coolness in the searing heat
    of old Granada."

    You really ROCKED this prompt!

  6. Beautiful! I just posted (and ate!) one of my Meyer lemon recipes, then I come here and find this ode to that most versatile fruit, the lemon, and my favorite flavor! Oh to be a poet like you!

  7. Delightful and mouth watering poem, this really is a vivid portrait. Almost makes me want to like lemons.

  8. Never Imagined that squeezing lemon can be so beautifully poetic. I loved the images of icy fumes and yellow sun.

  9. With an imagination you can be transported to anywhere in the world and not leave the kitchen. Beautiful imagery and well penned piece.

  10. Mmmm. Love this! I can almost smell and taste it. There is nothing better than a fresh squeezed lemonade, ice cold - unless it was one in one of those clay cups. Now I want summer - with lemonade, please. Gorgeous painting shared also.

  11. Aromas can bring back so much! I love the smell of lemons too--goes so well with memory of a hot day.