Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mag 214 - Into Blue

Into Blue 

Rise up as smoke that filters from the wreckage. 
Send up your spirit to mingle with others. 
Feel a lightening of heart and a catch in the breath, 
as soul energy passes outward and upward into blue. 

There is a place where others gather above that spot, 
a hallowed arena of remembered images from the multitudes. 
They pass in and out and around that special place of loss, 
And day and night they pause, imagining columns rising into blue. 

Dust swirls around the heart’s remembrance. 
Faces dim and memories pass in, out, and around corners. 
One night though, a glance upward makes one pause 
The eye follows a glow, a stream, a call into blue.


This image is very haunting to me, reminding me of the loss of loved ones on the morning of September 11, 2001 ... one might forever reach for the dust in the light, trying to touch a loved one just one more time.

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  1. Soulful, magical, sad...well done

  2. And soul energy permeates your entire poem...Beautiful. ♥

  3. This is so poignant. Lovely, truly lovely!

  4. Intense, but not horrific, rather peaceful even.

  5. I love the reference of time, loss and passing. Bravo!

  6. This evokes intense feeling. Well done.

  7. I'm feeling the call...lovely...and thank you for changing the font in the body of your much easier to read and appreciate...