Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Cold Dark Desert of Night - Poetry Jam

the cold dark desert of night

they say the sun falls hard in the desert
settles to horizon’s line then drops -
a golden coin in a slot
soft darkness deepens to a blue
that slowly spangles with first stars
until a chill blanket of light
blinks and beams across the heavens

I lay back upon this bedrock - watch
my Janus facing day and night
reach out to touch a strong arm –
whisper words across the space
while Janus turns to look toward Mars
I loll back – sigh and settle to
the cold dark desert of the night

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  1. So vivid, Susan... love the arm.

  2. Great last line - it holds so much within its simple words...

  3. Love the image of the dark desert of night. Thanks for posting!

  4. This is so beautiful, Susan – it sends shivers. What a picture you have painted against that desert sky!

  5. Great images and power pictures that you paint, it feels a bit forlorn to me.

    1. Thank you Alan. It was meant to be a bit forlorn ... and have a couple different takes on that sense of loneliness or farewell or being left behind for another cause.

  6. love the image of the sun as a golden coin dropping in a slot....a grand picture of a desert night...beautiful

  7. This read very peacefully and effortless, even if much effort has gone into it. True poetry, as far as I can tell. Bravo!

  8. A beautiful poem Susan! Really impressed with your images and prose. Wow :-)

  9. I love this whole heartedly. Thank you for sharing!