Thursday, April 10, 2014

Opening Day ! - Poetry Jam


grass turns green
hats come out
gloves get limbered –
old hands return to
springtime duty
new blood races
hopes and dreams awaken
gravelly voice shouts

sunlight glares on
upturned smiling faces
scoreboard flashes
tears flow when anthem
blares out over the crowd
youngsters race
to grab their dreams
that hang the end of each
well swung bat – CRACK!

old timers lean back
pace themselves with peanuts
cold beer and perhaps
a dog of an umpire
carping the plays or nodding
approval with grins like
old fences they remember
peeking round or crawling over
before getting pitched - OUT!

shared at Poetry Jam, where this week's theme is 'baseball and barriers' ...


  1. Opening Day does bring a smile for fans of the game! I agree, you captured it well.

  2. Perfectly captured and with vivid enthusiasm. Made me think of old Doris Day movies, that my mother loved, (and so do I).

  3. I enjoyed this. I can tell you are a fan of the game. Baseball is definitely a game that is loved by young and old alike; and it seems in spring baseball fever is caught by everyone; and people of all ages are out enjoying the game in their own way, either actively or out at the stadium. We here in Brewer land are off to an optimistic start. We are forever hopeful. Smiles. One of these days..... I loved the way you used the large type words at the end of each stanza. Very effective.

  4. I like the feelings of beginning, hope and enthusiasm that are so tangible in your poem, Susan! You make me want to go and attend a game.

  5. smiles. i love opening day...and we have those old timers as well...ha...they can tell you so much of the game
    having sat there watching it for year...the history that will never make the record much hope
    in the first game...

  6. Openers are always good....thanks for sharing your words

  7. A wonderful scene, I was there munching some peanuts with you :-) Really fun write

  8. Great description of the game! Even I who know nothing of this game was involved.

  9. really enjoyed your my mind i was visualizing one of those vintage baseball fields from maybe the 30's. :)
    you took me on a lovely trip!

    stacy lynn mar

  10. Loved it! Of course, I love going to baseball games and you capture it so well.