Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Books in 2013 Challenge ...

New Years resolutions come our way at this time of year. It's a given. I have usually not participated in the tradition, but this year, I thought I'd resolve to read 100 books during the year and write a short reaction on Buch Handling about each. In addition, I am going to try to branch out and read different genres. That's my personal goal. I figure posting this resolution will do two things - 1) it keeps me honest and persistent in trying to achieve the goal and 2) it forces me to work at the genre switch-up aspect. I am a real fan of historical fiction and would gladly fall down the rabbit hole with a stack of just that type of book. Making a goal to branch out can only help me out as a reader.

So, I would like to welcome any readers visiting Buch Handling to join me in this challenge. It's a purely personal thing. Grab the image above and legitimize your participation by posting your personal reading goals for the year, put the image in your blog sidebar or down below your posts somewhere to keep it in front of your eyes when you're posting and do your best to read 100 Books in 2013. If I see it on your blogs anywhere, I'll know I can browse your posts about achieving your goal and perhaps get some good recommendations for my reading list.

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  1. This is a great challenge to take on. Hope you manage to do it. I definitely wnat to read more this year, but I'm not sure I'd reach the 100 books challenge. Good luck!