Saturday, January 5, 2013

Summer Remembered ... Saturday Snapshot

Soul of Summer

It comes this time of year
Lurks just behind the woodpile
Creeps up beside you 
Like the cold draft at your elbow
Settles on you when the sunlight
Spears the glass frost feathers

Soft summer daydream
Warm fuzz of August peaches
'Cat tongue' feel of lemon verbena
Complaining tick of chipmunk
Insistent call of wood thrush
Rose scent on the morning breeze 

This post (rather, the short poem above)  has been sitting as a draft for a while, as I contemplated the picture's colors and did free association with the feelings it gave me when I sat and gazed at it. It is finally in a state that I'm not ashamed to offer as a Saturday Snapshot. I hope you are having your own remembrances of spring and summer time, as we slowly wait for the back of winter to be broken.

Join the others who share their snap shots at Alyce's weekly blogshare by hitting the link above and seeing just what folks have brought to this week's Saturday Snapshot.



  1. I found myself over here from Saturday Snapshot and I love the title of your blog!! We spent some time in Germany in 2012 and I really loved it.
    Also I see you are reading a Gaiman book, I just finished Neverwhere by him and really enjoyed it.
    I'm just on my way to becoming your latest follower!

  2. Interesting that many are posting photos from summer today!

    my Saturday Snapshot.
    I hope you will stop by! And Happy New Year!

  3. I love how the poem and photo work together to reanimate the 'soul of summer'. Aaaah, I can feel myself relaxing :)
    So glad to have discovered your blog via Saturday Snapshot!

  4. Would love to be back in the summer right now!

  5. A lovely representation of summer!

  6. Love the green and orange colors together!
    My SS

  7. The colors and the words are very evocative. Our snow from the day after Christmas shows signs of melting. Here's Mine

  8. That's a beautiful photo - the colours and shapes of the fruit, flowers and container all work so well together. My Snapshot is at

  9. Yes. a soft dream that comes light as a kiss.

    The photo reminds me of a poem by Williams Carlos Williams. Or was it Wallace Stevens?

    Beautiful photo.

  10. Your photo is lovely. I do have remembrances of spring and summer and can't wait for them to arrive again.

  11. I am completely in awe! Your subject matter definitely evokes feelings of spring while the poem you wrote leaves me longing for the sweet smell of summer ~ absolutely beautiful!

  12. Beautiful poem, beautiful photo, awesome blog...NEW FOLLOWER.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  13. Beautiful, the photo and the poem. I can just feel summer.

  14. I so admire poets...this is beautiful, XOXO

  15. Another beautiful photo and lovely poem you have shared. The poetry almost makes me want to write a bit again. I wrote poetry for several years when I was young. :-)