Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poetry Jam - Hero Worship

Hero Worship

We’ve been trying from the start
To make our mark on high
Read the stories, dress the part
Watch the movies, sigh …

See our heroes postulate
Assert the moral truths
Nod and self congratulate
Drive back villains, forsooth!

Then we grapple with what’s here
Wipe popcorn grease away
Laugh while brushing off the fear
And step into the day

Music fades we head for home
The credits still roll on
Kids recount their favored scenes
We hum the hero’s song

Those brave exploits of virtue
Though, remain with us o’er time
Courage, strength, and fortitude
In heart and mind enshrined

This week's theme of heroes was picked by Brian, an old stalwart here at Poetry Jam ... I've had fun thinking about all my movie super heroes ... head over to this week's Jam and see what others are contributing! 

Image credits for the mosaic above go to various on-line film sites and Wiki links. I have reproduced the images within the mosaic, but receive no monetary fees or professional credit for the composite image. 


  1. Susan, I enjoyed this. There really are a lot of movie superheroes out there. I would have to say my favorite is Spiderman. How about you?

    (And thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam!)

    1. I think my favorite comic book hero is Superman, but my favorite legendary hero is King Arthur.

  2. smiles...the stories , certain ones do grab hold us...indiana jones def did to me....and king arthur...and batman...always liked him because he was just a guy...i could do that...smiles...

  3. Your poem made me think about the whole movie experience. How wonderful to watch a melodreama where the good guy always wins. Enjoyed your poem.

  4. Hi, Susan... this really has me thinking which is my favorite... hmm... I'm not sure.

  5. Courage, strength - real hero's of my childhood. I loved the Lone Ranger. Really enjoyed this.

  6. Oh those movie superheros! Thanks for posting this as it brought back memories.