Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Lake Champlain and Sights From the Bike Lane

This past week, SB and I took a little camping and biking vacation. A couple hours north of us, we found a camp site along Lake Champlain just outside of the center of  Burlington, Vermont. The city has extensive bike trails and maps for bicycle tours in the area.  We rode along the lake and through a chain of lovely city parks that were full of interesting sculpture and structures.

This beautiful wooden sculpture is about twenty feet tall and looks out over a park right in the center of the city. From the park, there are stunning views of the lake and the Adirondack Mountains across the water in New York State.

Further south on the bike trail, there is a wayside green space with a stone henge constructed that allows one to clock the Earth's astronomical movements through the solar year. Very cool.

It's in a quiet area and makes you feel really reverent. When we came upon the site, there was an elderly woman just completing her morning Tai Chi meditation and movement. She smiled and quietly gathered her bag and walked on down the path.

We parked our bikes and walked to the center of the henge to note the different positions of astronomical events within the Earth's year.

Coming back through the city on one of the bike lanes, I saw this house and fell in love with all its gardens and window boxes ... so pretty! The entire yard is extensively planted front, sides, and back! One evening when we were driving back to our campground from the city, we passed the house and the man who lives in it. He was out deadheading the flowers. What a labor of love, huh?

Back on the bike path, we found a house of a different sort ... this incredibly cool treehouse! I could just imagine playing pirates or Robinson Crusoe in and around this beauty! It is called the Forever Young Treehouse.

Late one afternoon, we drove away from the lake and passed out into the dairy farmland that surrounds Burlington. I made SB pull over to take pictures of the meadows and fields and the views. When I took this field vista, I felt something plop on my foot. I looked down and there was a little spangled frog that was all bright green and golden designs. He was hopping around, hunting for the crickets that were chirruping in the grasses.

Later, we came upon a herd of young heifers hanging out in the shade and munching the sunny perimeter. They all turned to stare at me like I was some crazy fool ...

The air was hazy with heat and humidity. We headed back to the campground so we could cool off with some shade and cold beers and cheese and crackers ... but not before I snapped a mountain vista of Camel's Hump from the car, as we whizzed along Rt 89.

Ahhh ... vacation. Dirty feet, sweaty clothes, damp sleeping bags, woodsy camp fires, simple food, and beautiful views. Wouldn't trade it for the world, but I'm glad to be back in my comfy bed and hot shower! Until next summer ... hope your Labor Day weekend is shaping up to be a good one!

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  1. What cool views and what a nice vacation, I love our yearly vacation and our technology break, we miss a lot when we are so tethered to our devices!

  2. It's so beautiful!! I want to come visit.

  3. the cow and the house. WOW!!

    THANKS for sharing.

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    My Saturday Snapshot

  4. What a wonderful journey! From gorgeous scenery and sculptures to beautiful houses with lush gardens. And that treehouse is amazing. I always wanted one!

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  5. I love all of your landscape shots! Very beautiful!

  6. That was quite a trip. I think I'd have stopped at the tree house until the owners tossed me out! And that garden, how lovely. If I had that many flowers they'd have to take care of themselves.

  7. Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. You saw some great stuff!.

  8. What a lovely break for you. I do like that cow photo. How funny to see your standing stones too.

  9. I love all the info and photos you shared of your trip! I love exploring, taking photos, and riding my bike, so this sounds like my kind of getaway!!

  10. Those are great shots. I'd love to ride along that bike trail. The house with all the flowers was pretty. Can't imagine having that kind of green thumb. Here's Mine

  11. These are all wonderful, Susan. The view of the lake is wonderful, I love the sculpture and I had no idea about the world clock. I love it all! Have a great weekend!

  12. Wonderful photos, I like that second one in particular, and the park where the woman was doing tai chi. The house with the flowers is amazing, I would love to live somewhere like that, but don't want to do any work in the garden! Maybe I'd really like to have that house next door? It's so beautiful.

  13. What an amazing vacation! I felt touched by the legend that the creator of the Champlain Valley turned himself into a rock so he could view it forever. The flower garden appears as decorative as our town's public garden, which is the result of the hands of many people not just one home owner. Fun tree house! Quite the look from that cow. :-) Thanks for sharing your adventures and vacation sights.