Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Faces of Fenway

 Earlier this summer, my husband and I went to a game at Fenway. We are rabid Red Sox fans and we always look forward to catching a game and doing a WHOLE lotta people-watching. It seems like every game at Fenway is sold out and when there's a break in the action of the game, the cameras really come out. Last time we went, I decided to take pictures of the picture takers because, well ... doesn't it always seem that the photographers are never getting their pictures taken ? I'm the photographer for our family and there are precious few photos of me in the albums over the years. Ahem ... and the ones that are there are very rarely complimentary.

Anyway, every time there was a break in the game, I snapped a few shots of people snapping shots.

Some folks never leave their seats to catch a shot. They just aim and shoot and then spend time editing right their in the ballpark.

Some folks take group shots and have a great time doing it!

Other folks take the long view.

Still others take forever to get their shot and end up fighting the aisle traffic.

Yup, Fenway gets photographed from every angle!

So where are the shots of me? Well, you know there are none because after all, I'm the photographer. This Saturday Snapshot joins others at Melinda's blog, West Metro Mommy Reads Check out what everyone else is contributing today!


  1. What an interesting idea... taking pics of people taking pics. ;)

  2. People watching at the ball park can be as much fun as the game. Especially in my case as I'm a Cub fan and, well, we lose more than we win.

    As the photographer in my family I know exactly what you mean... very few photos of me either!

  3. How fun! I haven't been to a ball game in years but they are great places to people watch!

  4. Such a huge crowd! Fun photos.

  5. Yes, interesting. I was fascinated when I was at the Louvre in Paris to take photos of people taking photos of the Mona Lisa. Here's a favorite.

    1. I love that someone else has had this idea ... what a fun project, huh? Thanks for your shot ... nice to be in the Louvre via your shot!

  6. What fun photos! I just finished a book this week in which the characters went to Fenway...a father and son. I could feel the crowds roaring, just as I see them in your shots.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  7. Haven't been to a game in a while. This does look like a lot of fun.

  8. Love this post! I would love to be at Fenway Park for a baseball game. And a great of people taking pictures.