Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Mag 182 - Mami Wata Sings

Mami Wata Sings

The bonds that tie you up tight
Are nothing to the surge of the tide.
Just relax, my dear. Float light.
Look to the sky. Enjoy the ride.

Feel your troubles unwind and flick
Harmless against your arms.
Look to the light. It’s no trick.
The water washes away all harm.

Then, my dear, float free and think
Smile about the morrow’s plan
Draw a deep breath. Curl and sink.
Then, kick upward. Swim for land.


  1. Love the positive spin you put on the photo .... WOW!

  2. well done and thanks for sharing

  3. The first stanza of the poem is really inspiring for me... I am learning to swim and this is the most appropriate inspiration I can get :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Full of optimism and the healing power of water.

  5. Striking photo to go with your lovely, positive verse. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Lovely verse and image. This week I've shifted my Snapshot on to my other blog http://goo.gl/4Z1dgf