Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lost ... Poetry Jam


Lost… the Jets game tickets and accompanying bet.
The parent's anniversary fête
The children’s play in which they sing
The diamond and emerald engagement ring
The big deal
The corporate steal … all lost.

Lost … appointments with Sis to power shop
The time and money to island hop
Beach time with family on Cape Cod
A chance to make his peace with God
Her babies’ smiles
His lover’s wiles.

The keys to the garage and the PO box
Lazing by the pond skipping rocks
The girl on her way through the ‘glass ceiling’
The sight of his daughter that leaves him reeling.
The corner office with the view,
Keys to the executive washroom too … all lost.

Lost … people loved and barely known.
Peer and friend, worker, drone.
Up in smoke, fire and dust
Down in twisted skeletal rust
Wet from fire hose and tears.
Gone, exhumed, dried up, sere … lost.

Original draft written April, 2004
Revised draft – September 2013

 Mourning those lost ... 9/11/01
Shared at Poetry Jam

Artwork credits: Towers of Steel - by John Arelt
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  1. really quite much....we never know...its better to go ahead and make that peace because we never know....

  2. I was struck by a lot of these, Susan. Saddest one was about peace with God....followed by all the lost people. Really enjoyed the way you rhymed this. Very nice!

  3. I have been unable to stop tears from flowing this morning ... tributes on television, my own memories ~~ your poetry.

  4. we humans have so much to lose, so e should better absorb the best of each memories

  5. Words...impossible to describe the tragedy....all - big and small, important and not very important planned things got lost... lives - described it capaciously ~~ Peace

  6. Someday everything feels like it is lost, especially today. You capture the moment beautifully,

  7. It is so sad, still, to this very day.

  8. Very vivid evocation of this sad day Susan and above all of all the loss!

  9. I like how you started with smaller moments and built up to that fateful day when so many lives were lost. What a special tribute!


  10. oh the sense of loss pervades...........

  11. Too sad!It's a wonder any of us can go on.

  12. Oh, we both wrote on 9/11 ... yours is so evocative. What a tragedy.

  13. Oh Susan, goosebumps and tears. This was such a powerful piece, very well done.:-)