Monday, September 2, 2013

Poetry Jam - Walking Out

Walking Out

In evening light, step out and pad up the alley
Quietly pass the shuttered window of Zia Anna
Smell her pot of gravy and listen -
She’s praying her rosary, the beads clicking

Five doors down, a lace curtain wafts aside
Old Pietro shuffles out, moves toward his stool
He looks sideways at all passers by and puffs
Is it a ‘hello’ or a ‘go to hell, bastardo’ ?

Further on, the scooters lean the walls, looking
Sexy- waiting for soft thighs, rounded bottoms
Ready to rev, belch black smoke and
 Bounce libidinous echoes off ancient doors

The corner brings the square and music
Tables and chairs are set at Papillon
A glass of Strega, a daily newspaper await
The regular on the same evening schedule

Just steps from the airy, rented room
This quiet world unfolds for the stranger
Skipping steps down the stairs and out
Onto the cobbles and into her new life

Luca stops and drops a towel, looking,
Murmurs a ‘Ciao Signora’ and smiles
A question sits behind his eyes and
On his lips, but he swallows, dabs a spill

The Strega is spicy, strong warm ribbons
Warming the throat, crisp inky pages
Pass silent time, bring memories and flashes
And the sun sets and the walk back is golden

Shared at Poetry Jam 

Photo Credit - 'Italian Street Scene' -comic book guy @


  1. Wow that was wonderful. I felt as if I walked it once and now I want to go back.

  2. So worth the wait ... this is incredibly lovely. You took me on a journey .. Italy has occupied first place on my bucket list for way too long!!!

  3. hey i want some of that all the detail. you def bring the scene to life....the walk to was golden as well...smiles.

  4. That was a beautiful snapshot in words...

  5. Loved the story in this poem, Suzy. You really gave us a sense of place!!

    And thanks for participating in Poetry Jam!