Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Mag 184 - Sister Moon

Sister Moon

She steals the dreams from off my eyes
Rattles branches on the breeze
And climbs up to the treetop high
To whisper words and memories

I lie asprawl upon the bed
And watch her through the window glaze
She oft repeats what’s oft been said
Over and over for many a day

The words make clatter in my brain
Rustle sheets and chill the marrow
Until she quiets her harsh refrain
And softly makes way for the sparrow

That gentle flutter lulls me low
Whir of wings, a plaintive peep
And with the light of day’s first glow
I fall into the depths of sleep

-SM-L 9/4/2013

Shared with others at Tess's Magpie Tales

Painting: Dodos by Jeanie Tomanek


  1. Susan, this is beautiful .. I enjoyed the gentle rhyming, the soft dreamy feel of your words.

  2. What lovely language, especially Stanza 3.

  3. Very peaceful. You've worked hard at crafting this poem and it shows.

  4. So eloquently written...this was lovely!