Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poetry Jam - Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Last night the coyotes yipped and yammered
Raced harvest moon across the ridge and yowled
Chased wary deer through bracken ferns
That stood yellow and curling in the moonlight

The windows were open to the night breeze
Cool air and nighttime drama swirled
Bringing me from a quiet sleep to listen
Burrowed deep in downy blanket and pillows

The cat sat sentinel on the window sill
Watching the nighttime branches sway
Twitching her tail at the occasional twitter
Of restive birds in the cedars – waiting

She knows that autumn’s turn has come
Each night she dashes through the door
Turns and swats her tail at dark danger
Shakes herself and circles round my legs

We are a pair the cat and I
We watch and listen together
Curl warm by the first fall fires
Feel the change that’s coming

- 9/25/13

October is coming on and there's a change in the air, on the wind, in the woods that border our little house. We're gathering close and watching nature shift toward the season. 

... shared with other writers at Poetry Jam ...

Image Credit: Harvest Moon Rising - Tim Trott


  1. A very evocative poem Susan. We feel we are right there with you, observing the change in the season.

  2. Burrowed deep in downy blanket and pillows - what a great image and feeling of the change of season and that sense of warmth that security brings. I love how you have entwined nature and emotion.

  3. how intersting, my cat does the same and just started doing it...now you have me thinking on it...ha...the darkness is about to rule for a bit before the light once more holds sway....nice easy read susan...can def feel the change in the air....

  4. Susan, I enjoyed this VERY REAL glimpse of what 'October' means. Even the cat knows what the change of season means. I like the line "She swats her tail at dark danger." Enjoyed the image of curling by the first fall fires as well. You have given a very cozy picture of autumn!

  5. love the atmosphere, sounds, and nature's drama wonderfully captured by you..........

  6. beautiful, I feel a fulness after reading your poem - felt I was there

  7. I really enjoyed this poem. So much concrete imagery -- you really brought me right there. Thanks for this.

  8. ...feel the change that's coming. I like that ending - and the "waiting and watching and listening throughout the poem. Nice.

  9. Except for the arrival of the flocks of starlings, fall seems a long way off here. I like the visuals you created and the emotions you stirred with this contemplative poem. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love the atmosphere in this one... what a surprise to wake up to such a ruckus... although I'm glad peaceful thoughts followed.

  11. Your poem made me want to cuddle up, get cozy with my hubby and dogs and wait for the delightful chill of autumn. Enjoyed reading this

  12. You have certainly captured the mood of the season in a wonderful way. It doesn't fret me or make me feel anxious. It's making me want to have a cup of tea and curl up with a good book. You must be quite familiar with Jane Kenyon's work. Until now, she's the only female New Hampshire poet I've "known."

    1. So nice to hear you say that ... it doesn't fret me either (except when my kitty refuses to come in at night! - YIKES!). I find this season of gathering in and coming in close to each other and the fire comforting. There is a change of the guard in the forest, however, that must be respected!