Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Christmas Wish Fulfilled ...

Three days before Christmas, the temperatures climbed to the 40's, the rains came in and turned our winter wonderland into a muddy mire. Our dirt road was in danger of turning into an impassable quagmire. I was stressed and depressed just thinking about being stuck. Then, the temperature dropped and we worried about an ice storm that came through New England ... but here on our little mountain? More rain and then a deep freeze.

Christmas Eve brought snow showers, but nothing major. The kids made it out of Boston and New York City without incident and then down our rutty old dirt road. Still, the temperature dropped further and Christmas Day was bitterly cold, but who cared at that point? We were safe and together with food and fires and our Christmas traditions.

Then on Christmas night, the most beautiful snow began to fall. Gently, softly, it settled over everything and made the world so lovely. The next morning, my daughter took these pictures, as we ventured out to go to our little local diner for an easy breakfast. The perfect end to our short holiday interlude with the kids. They're all back in 'their worlds' at this point, but we have wonderful memories of this Christmas!

I hope you've had a great holiday with your families and friends! Happy New Year, friends!

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  1. This is so strange I went to leave a comment here and it was left on the barn post. Merry Belated Christmas.

  2. So cool that the weather cooperated so everyone could be where they wanted to be -- and you still got a pretty snow!

    One 70 degree day and one rainy day made the end of the snow here. It doesn't seem to be in a hurry to return.

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. What a wonderful interlude! Thanks for sharing...and enjoy the New Year. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. What lovely photos, I'm glad the snow was cooperative. I adore the look of your local diner, it looks like one on a tv show- where the characters always seem to order pie. Do they make nice pie?

    1. They DO make good pie ... but the basics- apple, blueberry, lemon meringue. We seem to always go there for their omelettes and pancakes or burgers and onion rings, though.

  5. You make it sound like a movie-perfect holiday. So glad you enjoyed it. Here's Mine

  6. Looks as if you had a beautiful snowy Christmas. Our holiday was sadly full of grey and dreary weather. However, I'm thankful we escaped the ice storms. Also, at least, in contrast to the past few weeks, it's been pleasant weather for long family walks. Maybe in January we'll some of the white flakes too. :-)