Thursday, January 2, 2014

A 2014 Genre Project ... You're Invited Too

Reading for me has been a constant discovery of new and fascinating writers, but all too often, I forget to range across genres. It has been common for me to stick to just a few limited genres of fiction over the years. Back in my university days, I was assigned different genres, so I had to read titles that I might never pick up under normal circumstances. That was good for me, as a reader.

University days have long passed, though. In recent years, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of historical fiction far too often. That's not a bad thing! However, I have been evaluating my reading a lot over the past year and have consciously been trying to expand my reading horizons a bit. Last year, I did well. I read far more biography, memoir, mystery, and fantasy than I have ever read before. 

That's not enough for me though, and as I was casting about for some fun resolutions for this new year, I decided to try to read at least one choice from every recognized literary genre during 2014. This resolution, of course, lead me to a bit of research on literary genres ... and a list to guide my reading for 2014. The links for a couple websites are included for my (and your) reference, should they be needed during the year. 

Let me know if you choose to join me on this reading venture ... perhaps I can form up a monthly linky post that will let us see what others are reading and help us choose titles to read. I always find it fun to read others' reactions to books that they've finished. Also, if anyone reading this post has a good list of genre types that range across poetry, fiction, and non-fiction , send me a quick message or link. Thanks and happy reading!

Genre Links

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