Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Poetry Jam - Sparks to Flame

Sparks to Flame

The morning cold is harsh today
It’s crept in over night and settled
A chill that is bone deep wraps me
Cold fingers bring match to kindling
Immediate warmth and glow reach
Touch cheeks, arms, flannel shirt
A first warm rush fans hair from face
I feed the flames, tent the sticks
Watch the fire take hold
A snap, a rustle, low clicking
First coals drop out and away
Make a warm bed of glowing ash
This is a moment of creation, yet
I contemplate the irony of destruction
Adding the first small logs carefully
I bask in the warmth that rushes out
Feel cold pushing back from behind
Take the time to mindwander
Old paths, small plans, or soft memories
Lists form, a day’s routine takes hold
Sparks and flames of thoughts that flicker
Then I stand, turn and face the day

Happy New Year to all the stalwart organizers of Poetry Jam!  May your year be full of warmth and fellowship and may the community of writers increase ! 

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  1. it is interesting that the energy made to heat does come from destruction....that part made me pause and think...
    i used to live in a house (pre-marriage) that was heated only by fire...and woke plenty of cold mornings to scrape
    the coals back to life and toss a fresh log on the fire....brr....

  2. I have always enjoyed building and making a fire. Enjoy its beauty and its warmth!

  3. I like the way you have written about building a fire in the hearth & how it grows gradually until there is a warming fire. How well I can picture sitting there before the hearth, having one's mind wander in all kinds of directions before going off to face the day. You have really captured a reflective mood in this poem, Susan.

  4. I very much enjoyed reading this. Perhaps most especially because the closest I come is putting on the fake fire dvd. I remember a time, though...

  5. That cold is here too! This sounds like a nice way to start the day with a fire for warmth before the lists take over!

  6. Wonderful description of the good feeling of a fire on a chilly day. Nicely done.

  7. What a lovely poem! The simple, somewhat homely steps in building a good fire have taken on new meaning here.

  8. Lots to think about while sitting around the fire.

  9. So beautifully written, it is interesting how fire can be creation and destruction at the same time. I also love how our minds wander when we look into one.

  10. Take the time to mindwander
    Old paths, small plans, or soft memories
    very wonderfully written lines!

  11. I love this ... it makes my gas fireplace flames seem boring, dull, lackluster.

  12. Made me want to curl up with my fuzzy socks, warm jammy's, blankie and a good book --- lovely!

  13. Looking into the fire brings a lot of inspiration and reflective thought...cosy and lovely poem Susan!

  14. What a beautiful poem. It made me feel like I lived those moments. Yet, my reality now is that I go downstairs to turn up the heaters, not to build a fire. But the feelings are similar, the days creation. I really enjoyed reading this. Did so twice.

  15. That was a really enjoyable read. Love the way you put that together.

  16. A fire can be so mesmerizing. Though at odd times it is a danger. But to curl up in front of the fireplace is heavenly! Nicely Susan!


  17. Oh, this is lovely. It reminds me of time spent with my grandmother who was a great fire maker.

  18. Making a fire and being warmed by it is really a special feeling and we all love watching the flames. We should all make sure that we plant some trees also! Nice poem.

  19. Susan, Happy New Year! A wonderful hand and heart warming poem, you built the poem like the fire, thoughtfully and skillfully. Really enjoyed it, could feel the flame warming my hands :-)