Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - God helg !

"God helg !"

Yes, it's been a good holiday season, as my little Swedish table runner says. This morning, though it is a cold finish to New Year 2014's first week.

To think that others farther north are experiencing temperatures even colder just blows my mind.  It was so chilly this morning in our house that my fingers were chilled by the time I'd done my morning routine of emptying the dishwasher and making coffee. When I poured the coffee into my mug and held it close with both hands, my fingertips felt that chilly burn that one normally feels after being outside in the cold for a time. What's wrong with this picture? I was standing in my kitchen! Brrrrr! And it felt like that thermometer was inside the kitchen instead of outside the sliding door! LOL!

Thankfully, there's plenty of wood stacked for the stove fires (in the kitchen wood catch and on the back porch) and I have no plans to go outside today. I plan to make a warm stew and bake some cookies for my husband. Keeping the stove and the oven going will throw a bit more heat and perhaps, by the end of the day, the house will be back up to a comfortable 68 degrees Farenheit ! 

Meanwhile, the dogs snooze in a sunny patch on the floor and I curl on the couch under a woolen blanket!

God helg! , which also means have a good weekend.

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  1. That's a great plan for a very cold day.

  2. Nothing like a snug house on a cold day. I hope you haven't lost power. Stay warm!
    Anne's Saturday Snapshots

  3. GOD HELG to you too, Susan. I love it when I can see others with Swedish/Norwegian heritage. It will be cold this coming early week here in Wyoming too. Stay warm.

  4. Brrr! I don't envy you, but I hope your home will be cozy warm soon!

  5. Oh that's what it means! I thought it might be "God, Help!" One might think with a Swedish husband that I'd know more. Oh my, yes, the cold is fierce. It was -18F here this morning, which is practically unheard of. I do remember a horrific cold snap during Christmas season way back in the early 80s. How we struggled to keep our great big home warm with two woodstoves cranked to the max. That cold lasted three weeks and the next year it happened all over again as if it would become our new normal. I am so glad that it didn't as the lows were -30F. Horrible time.

    Stay warm and cozy and bake something yummy!

    1. Had to test John who came up with the very same translation I did. Too funny.

  6. I love seeing everyone's photos of snow!!
    Now I'm hungry for some stew. Need to go to the store first though.

  7. Oh my! I can't imagine temps like this. I was cold all day yesterday, and the low was a mere 33. Don't know how people do it who live in the cold.

  8. So so cold! We don't have that kind of cold. Thanks for sharing!! Have a great 2014!

    Here is my snapshot post.

  9. I love the picture of your thermometer, but not what it reads. It's 27 in my part of Australia today, which seems to be about 80 using your thermometer to convert. God helg to you too- I thought it meant God help too!

  10. Ooh, that's cold. Hope you were able to stay warm! It's been cold here too but not quite that bad. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  11. Hopoe your weather has warmed up! It's cold here, but not that cold - just seems to have been wet, windy and chilly for ever. Dry weather and sunshine are beginning to seem like a dream. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  12. We've got cold and snow today, too. I'm baking bread pudding and staying indoors. Unless we decide to shovel snow this afternoon because it's going to be even colder tomorrow.

    Joy's Book Blog

  13. That's definitely a chilly temp. Just like ours in Alberta, Canada. Actually, we're having some warm weather this week, around -10C. ;)