Sunday, June 30, 2013

Poetry Jam - Cold Comfort

'Mt. Aoraki With Cherries on Top' - photo by Jim Kilgallon

Cold Comfort

Others may languish with their sundaes
Spooning chocolate ice cream up
Swirling their tongues around the cold
Lapping a buttery feeling from their lips
Dipping again for a hit of warm chocolate
Stringing the cherry along til the last
Then plucking it from the taut stem
Crushing the flesh and spitting the pit
Taking cold comfort in that moment

I instead will sit this blue hour away
Scooping a handful of tall grass
Twirling it about my weary head
Sending the night flies spiraling away
Savoring the quiet cool of evening air
Sweeping the field scents over me
Until the sun is ready to gently settle
A glowing cherry atop yonder mountain
And drop to stillness and a comforting chill

- SM-L 6/30/13

This week's prompt was difficult for me ... a cherry on top ... Knickerbocker Glories ... hmm.  It may be late in the week but at last there is something here that has made its way to paper, keyboard, what ever ... it is shared with others at Poetry Jam. Go see what others are sharing! Join us if you've a mind!


  1. Oh, I really like your take on this. Loved the interplay between the two stanzas. And that second stanza, yes....I think I am with you really, I'd rather sit in some tall grass watching that 'cherry' sun set! Susan, I really think this is one of your best. Really nice!

  2. Do you think you could get rid of that dreaded word verification in your blog? I had to try THREE times before I finally got the words right, and really there is no reason to have this word verification. It just serves to frustrate those who post & sometimes causes them to give up responding. I don't have it, and I have had NO trouble. Thanks.

  3. was difficult to me as well...i live in that last stanza of yours...just appreciating life and watching it go by...sipping on it like a milk shake and savoring the moment....smiles....

  4. This is really beautiful and the photo is quite amazing. Thanks for posting this and enjoy that quiet time!

  5. Could I bring the sundae to eat while watching that view?! I think the two together could be a winning combination!

  6. I also thought it would be lovely for all of us to meet ... watch the sunset ... just be. Your poem and the photograph are a winning combo.