Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Once Upon A Time VII - Carl's Reading Challenge Is Back!

The first days of summer-like weather have finally arrived and with them comes a feeling of excitement for sunny afternoons spent lounging on my porch with my pile of summertime reads. I always have a really fun time deciding just what I will concentrate on in my summer reading hoard ... and this summer, I'll start out with a few books and a play!

I almost missed out on this year's Once Upon a Time reading share that Carl Anderson organizes at his website called Stainless Steel Droppings ... it's been too long since I dropped in to see what he has been up to! If you are one that likes getting into conversations about fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, fairy tales, and such this just might be the challenge for you! Carl does an excellent job of tiering the levels of participation in this annual blogging event, building a full genre tour, use of television and wide-screen media, a read-along of one major work(this year it's Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream ), and a short story option. There is something for everyone here, folks!

I am opting for reading the Shakespeare and at least one other book, as I have discovered the event  pretty close to its winding down date (rats!) ... hence, I will be reading - drum roll, please ...

Ransom Rigg's Young Adult novel about young Jacob's fantastical journey in search of the details about his grandfather's mysterious past and unusual upbringing at Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Katharine Beutner's novel about the mythological daughter of King Pelias of Iolcus who, sacrifices her life out of love for her husband King Admetus in Euripides' tragic play Alcestis. Beutner writes the back story of the young princess and how she ends up embroiled in the play between Greek gods and her husband.

There! That should get me started! Perhaps, you too, will decide to jump aboard the Once Upon a Time train ... if you have a comfy chair and a pile of books set aside that fit the parameters of the challenge !

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  1. Good for you Susan! You have worked out almost everything that needed to be thought of for lazing in the Summer afternoons! Reading is one thing. But the myriads of ideas churned out would be fantastic! Nicely!