Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Mag #173 - Fair Warning

The Promenade - Marc Chagall

Fair Warning

When we walk out in the morning air,
My thoughts soar high and away.
I watch the breeze lift up your hair,
Send collar and coat tails astray.
You always tether me close to you,
A soft hand to stroke and hold.
At first it comforted, now I rue,
For your clutch seems far too bold.
I am my own blithe spirit, sir !
You may not hold me too close !
For if my soul becomes a blur,
Or reflection of yours, at most,
I’ll soar away, reclaim what’s mine
And leave this love that’s heady wine.

A weekly pilgrimage to see what others post at Magpie Tales - this week is Mag #173 ... check it out.


  1. ah, a little freedom from the tethering, this i understand...though we careful you might float away...smiles.

  2. I like this take. Nobody wants to be tethered.

  3. ... 'I am my own blithe spirit' ~~~ I LOVE that line! Great writing.

  4. Now he has been warned! Everyone needs their own space.

  5. I love the "I am my own blithe spirit!" wonderfully written! Have a lovely week!

  6. I like the gallant, old-fashioned diction of your poem. It has a lovely Jane Austen feel to it. As others have said, the blithe spirit line is wonderful!

  7. But must feminism win out over romance..?

  8. This is my favorite one of the week so far.
    It's terrific in every way.