Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Snapshot ... Before and During Mountain Laurel Season

At the end of May, my husband and I went on a nice walk out into the woods of southern New Hampshire to look at a trail called the Metacomet. I noticed how prolific the stands of mountain laurel were and told him that we really needed to return and hike the trail again when the laurel came into bloom. Here is a picture along the trail in May .

This is the same trail about twenty paces back from the first photo. It's one month later and you can see just how much laurel grows along the edges of the wetland swamp. It looks like a pinkish white swath from afar, but walking through it as it grows alongside the trail really brings it up close ...

It's just so beautiful.

Here's another May shot further along the trail where the swamp has opened up and is beginning to channel to a brook that drains the area. And below, shows again how much laurel grows along the banks of the water.

I love mountain laurel season ... two weeks of  beautiful color deep in the woods and along the waysides.

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  1. Utterly beautiful. What a gorgeous place to walk. It's like a lane of tiny white stars. I've always loved Laurel. I think it's a lovely name for a girl, too.

  2. What beautiful countryside. It looks idyllic.

  3. Beautiful shots! I really miss having gorgeous scenery close by. In Central California, we have to travel an hour or more to find things...and there's nothing like what you are showing.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. I've never seen laurel before - it's so sweet! Is it also scented?
    The walk looks divine - very peaceful.

    1. No, Brona! Strangely, there seems to be little scent ... and I so want there to be something as sweet as honeysuckle, but I guess all that ornamentation in the flowers is enough of a draw for the bees and wasps and flies that come to see the show too!

  5. it. THANKS for sharing.

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