Monday, February 11, 2013

Mag 155 - Valentine Haikus


Valentine Haikus

Bright lights fade to black
As eyes close, lips gently meet
Oh ... embrace the warmth

Gentle nudge of lips
A deeper dip to the soul
Resting in between

A kiss a soft kiss
A meeting of two spirits
One in that moment

S M-L – 2/11/13

 Two Hopes -
I hope I have not bastardized Haiku form by placing three related haiku in stanza format ... I think they can each stand alone, but together form a more complete sensory experience.
My other hope is that everyone has experienced the falling away of the world when languishing in a lover's kiss. The power of an embrace and a soft soulful kiss is one of life’s beautiful pleasures – a moment when everything else drops away and two people become softly cocooned in each other’s spirits. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers.

This visual writing prompt comes from Tess's weekly writing challenge at The Mag . Hit the link to read what others have been inspired to contribute to the group share.


  1. Hallo Buchhandlung’s proprietress,

    You have treated the prompt in the romantic spirit, very gentle and reminiscent of days long gone. (In my case). A lovely set of haikus.

    I’d like to find out why you have the German reference, please come and tell me.

    Greetings from a Buecherwurm.

  2. I love haiku in stanza form ... do it all the time! Yours are magical.

  3. A simply lovely write, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  4. Thanks for the romantic interlude. And you describe a kiss perfectly.