Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Snapshot ... Pristine and Fluffy AM

Thoughts As I Took These Pictures This Morning
Woodpile Fluffed
I wish there was a chipmunk peeking out of that tiny little nook between the logs!
Delicate Balance

I wonder how many snowflakes are balanced on the tip of that branch ?


Goldfinches Up High

God! Those birds sound so beautiful chittering up there!

Mimi Down Low

You! are possibly the cutest and most hopeful little creature on Earth!

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  1. Terrific shots. The snow looks so fluffy on the barren logs and branches. And you're right, the dog does really look hopeful. Here's Mine
    Plus, my novel is free on Kindle this weekend if you'd be willing to download it -- The Summer of France

  2. I love them all....and that shot of the branches "dotted" with finches reminds me of my home in the foothills....the birds always found great purchase on the trees lining the property.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Ahhh..... I have that same snowy woodpile in my back yard :) I am hoping to capture pics of the wild cats that live in that pile...

  4. I haven't had a snowy wood pile in many years. Brings back lots of memories! Mimi is adorable!!
    Here's My SS

  5. Such lovely photos and accompanying thoughts. I wish we had some fluffy snow--!

  6. My first thought on seeing your pics was - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
    Lovely but brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  7. That snow really foes look delicate, light and fluffy. The bit we had during the week was the wet, slushy variety which didn't settle. I may have to see if it's available on

  8. When I got up and saw we had another snowy Saturday none of my thoughts about it were printable. It did look beautiful though and your pictures capture that really well. I like Delicate Balance best.

  9. That is an AWESOME photo of your dog! Love it!

  10. Love the photos, and the thoughts that go with them. The woodpile looks so peaceful, and your dog so expectant, in the snow.

  11. Great Photos, Susan! You're right...a chipmunk would be the perfect finish to that photo!

  12. What kind of dog is Mimi? She's a cutie!

  13. Love your thoughts on your own photos♫