Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pink ... Saturday Snapshot

This very pink bouquet of stargazer lilies and carnations came home to grace the grey cottage this week and it was so profoundly anti-winter that I began to see other bits of pink that we live with ...

like the pink violets that are at the center of the kitchen table...
and the pink-laden graphics of the Valentine's Day-themed catalogues that arrive daily in the mailbox
the tulips within the hallway wallpaper border
a favorite hymn that came to sit on the piano after church one Sunday
a kitschy kitty kitchen tile that reminds me of one of our long gone cats, Molly the Bandit Cat
the reflection of the Oriental rug in the television screen
and finally the floral pinks in the standing card table that my mother gave me years ago.
It seems that February is a good time to think about the pinks that are so absent in the outdoor world. Right now, it's all greys and browns around our house. Dwelling on warmer colors is a cheerful diversion. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
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  1. What pinkish delights and perfect for February as you say! I recognized the African violets right away - reminds me to go water mine and get them away from the cold window pane for a bit!
    Thanks for taking time to add all of these color shots.

  2. "Anti-winter" What a perfect way to put it!

  3. What fun to bring in a color and then discover it all around your house. I don't think I have too much pink, but there is a vase of pink tulips on my table. Here's Mine

  4. I was going to say that there was no pink in sight around my house, because there usually isn't, but then I saw the pink sweater that I draped across my music stand this morning. It is so soft and pretty and sadly shrunken to the point that it doesn't fit me anymore; a fact that I discovered this morning when I tried to put it on.

    I do need more bright and pretty things in the house this winter. I liked your look around at the colors in your house!

  5. Pretty! The only pink I can think of in my house are on some of my books!
    Here's My SS

  6. Needed a good dose of PINK today...rather glum here. Great blog♥ Happy week-end♫♪

  7. Lovely pinks. My favourite one is your wallpaper.

  8. Great shots! I love them all! Pink definitely says spring is on the way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. It's a pink world! One of my writing activities called for me to make a list of items of a certain color. Purple is my husband's favorite color and so I picked it. I didn't find near as many purple items as you found of pink. :-(

  10. Lots of pretty pink -- great theme for the season!

    Joy's Book Blog

  11. BEA-U-T-I-FUL....Love them.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot