Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mag 156 - Abandon


Let’s all go on a joy ride
Out in the world today!
Let’s all shout and spin our wheels
Throw back some beers and say
To Hell with the rain, to Hell with the mud
To Hell with the wind and spray!
Let’s just throw back our heads
And hoot on this heavensent Spring-like day!

There’ll be many a day for sorrows
Many more for bending to work
There’ll be way too many tomorrows
When duties allow us no shirk
So let’s all go on a joyride
Out in the world today!
Hold onto your hats! Slam the car doors!
Let’s just be on our way!

Notes: Nothing earth shattering here, just the simple joy of a break from winter and the unfettered joy it brings me. I look at this as just another piece of doggerel verse, written quickly and tossed off to the day! It is shared with others who have probably given far more thought to their writing. The image credit and details that Tess has provided for this week's writing prompt can be found at Magpie Tales. See the link here to check out other works!


  1. i loved the joy in this...yes enjoy the day!!x

  2. hah! Yesterday we threw caution the to winds and went for a 50 mile round trip ride for 2 beers and lunch! Yahoo for sunshine!

  3. Oh yes! Let's go! I'll bring the beers...

  4. I've got scarves for that Audrey Hepburn look to deal with windblown hair. So joyride it is!

  5. Oh I don't know...I'd say you gave quite a bit of thought to this! I've seen no one since my Grandmother use the word "shirk". It's a great word and this is a really nice piece of writing. It begs to be read aloud.

  6. Oh, yes, it's a go! Great fun and freedom.

  7. Thanks...I will join you for sure! Loved this joy ride of words

  8. Well I really like the upbeat tone... it makes me want to go out and enjoy the day.

  9. Open the door .... let me in!!!

  10. I feel the joy. Exuberance, even.

    Thanks! It felt like an anthem in my soul.


  11. I'd love a joy ride...this brought a smile!

  12. If it wasn't rainy and gloomy outside this would make me want to jump in my car and get driving!