Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hope Lies Here

Such hope lies here among the cracks
Nascent dreams and unknown deeds
Between the gritty detritus
Curl and wend toward the glare

Prism light shafts piercing down
Draw the hopeful toward the beams
Ever upward into day pushing
Greening curling twirling outward

Crystalline structures follow plans
Ordained by a power mysterious
And as the first drop falls a ‘click’
It’s heard like thunder down below

Birthing streams and wakening mud
The cracks give birth to the riot of life
Miracles work with dust and clay
Creation – nothing to something

More from less - oh, how hopeful

A fast write, like a fast shower, can bring on a sudden burst of something from nothing ... thanks for the idea/prompt that came from Alan who is hosting this week's Poetry Jam. After playing with it for a couple hours, it is what it has become ... over time, it may become something more. I look forward to seeing what others bring to this week's post ...


  1. So very true that a drop can sound like thunder if it iis the first sound heard. I like the idea that it can birth streams....undoubtedly streams of life and hope and more!! I enjoyed what you did with the prompt, Susan.

  2. Love this, Susan... especially the 3rd and 4th stanzas.

  3. I had a similar feeling about good coming from the "cracks" in life. I guess I am an optimist most of the time too. I really like the picture you posted with your poem as well--the beauty of cracked earth!

  4. Miracles work with dust and clay - I love this idea that the miraculous is found in every day life and all around us. Really excellent.

  5. Nascent dreams and unknown deeds
    Between the gritty detritus

    This says it all. A fine poem, worthy of its subject.

  6. smiles...cool take on the prompt...the cracks give birth to a riot of life....nice...true, our first inclination seems to be that cracks are bad but you show otherwise...

  7. This is GOOD!
    Both words and image a thing of beauty.
    As is the sentiment of hope and confidence behind it.
    You must be feeling really pleased with it.

  8. Hi Susan, Thank you very much for your wonderful comment on my blog. I had commented before on this gorgeous poem, and think I might have missed the captcha. I really enjoyed this poem, as a kid I loved those time lapse videos of the desert springing to life after a storm! You captured that perfectly here and then ended it so well. :-) lovely

  9. "The cracks give birth to the riot of life
    Miracles work with dust and clay"

    Really memorable lines Susan. I like the idea of life as a riot. It surely is :)

  10. It is life affirming to see green sprouting out of what looks like hard, dead cracks in the earth.

  11. um....2 things.
    1) I just clicked this link and found your other wonderful blog!
    2) I've always wanted to tell you that you are a great photographer.

  12. This is so elegantly expressed, beautiful work