Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mag 166 - Bounder Bash

Bounder Bash

party animals
slink in snarf wine knosh tidbits
pinch bottoms galore

laugh too loud dribble
careen around the dance floor
draw smirks and whispers

rowdy louts push shove
behave boorishly shout out
stumblebums shamble

vomit in the hall
kick the door shatter the glass
wake the neighborhood

such a bloody shame
a good party ruined by nine
how ‘bout moving on ?

party animals
make excuses slink on out
drop cups, sticky crumbs

finger prints stains butts
chipped plates cracked glasses
tinny music echo

sigh clean tomorrow
tumble to bed morning vow
next weekend their house

I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has had a party that they regretted, that got out of control, that made one feel like a dreg at the bottom of the keg. Mine was a high school bash that turned into a sodden fiasco, that I had to explain at the end of the night to horrified parents, that I will never live down, that I hoped would be visited on the boorish party crashers, at some point. 

Ugh ... I still close my eyes and re-visit that night in flashes of images and sensory impressions. 

What should have been a good party? Gone bad, what can I say? 

Let's see what others are offering up over at Tess Kinkaide's place ... behave yourselves!


  1. Hmm, sounds like these party animals have more fun than me. But that's ok. They also have the honor of being immortalized in your writing. :-)

  2. oh my goodness- what a riot of a party! Wheeeee....not fun for you tho! I learned early on when having a party to not go to bed til it was allll cleaned up!
    Very very fun read! Have a splendid week!

  3. Stumble bum shuffle? Would that be the latest dance craze? LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Great verbs! And so snarky! You didn't happen to attend that party ... did you !?! Wink.

    2. Clever and quite inventive; well done.

  5. haha what a rauccous party eh? anytime you come home with finger prints on your

  6. This is great! What a party - maybe if the neighbors had been invited they wouldn't have minded so much!