Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - Moon Shot

Last week, the moonrise was so spectacular that traffic at this intersection in Keene, New Hampshire was going at a crawl, as people slowed to gawk. The sky went through the most incredible color palette of pink to lavender to purple to deep indigo, as the sun set and cast a background for the rise of the moon. Mount Monadnock was just beautiful in the sunset too. You can just see the mountain at the right in this panorama ...

I'm sharing this shot over at Alyce's blog, At Home With Books. Her weekly photoshare, Saturday Snapshot is open to any and all, so check it out! Happy Saturday!


  1. Beautiful shot of the moon!!

  2. We were lucky enough to see that beautiful full moon in Bali last week. She was truly splendid wasn't she?
    Glad to see she spread her beauty all around the world for all of us to share :-)

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! Love it!

  4. The moon is my favorite, Susan. This is so beautiful! I always get frustrated that things like wires and traffic lights get in the way. But you've framed it all beautifully.

  5. Gorgeous! I am never able to capture the beauty of a full moon in a photo - this one is great!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend -


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  6. Ahhh- that's a great shot. That sounds similar to the several nights I saw the moon as I left work about 6:45. It was hanging over the horizon and would have made a great shot above our small town... if only I had my camera with me. :-(
    Thanks for sharing the wonder.