Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mag 164 - Musing


The air is smooth today
Coming soft across the meadow
Its brown scent creeps
In around the starch of my collar
Chills my breast and billows
This Sunday dress
How immodest letting it
Stir the silk of slip
And moving me to look
Far beyond the chatter of this

The air teases softly today
Sweeping up across the meadow
Lifting me far beyond this place
Gravity holds us here
Gravity and obligations
There’s chicken to be fried
Greens to be rinsed and torn
Pie sliced tea brewed
But primrose sweetness hints
At a ramble into the promise of

This breeze will still
The light will change
The birds will chortle and still
You’ll reach out a hand
And I’ll feel one last wisp
Brush my starched collar with longing
Stir tendrils at my cheek
Draw my eyes and heart away
Just for a moment
Before heading toward

An offering for Tess and other readers at Magpie Tales ... ah, Spring is in the air!


  1. An April dalliance with the wind, eh? :)

  2. Deft and insightful; well written.

  3. For me, this was a 'song poem' ... lyrical, lovely.

  4. Oh my that's lovely! From your opening lines to the closing you have the palpable yearning to leave the Protestant work ethic perfectly rendered.

  5. This was absolutely lovely, it has such a serene elegant presence

  6. Oh I feel the soft breeze love love breast and billows...

  7. Not sure how I came to miss this earlier, but very glad I didn't miss it altogether: a lovely poem. The first five lines are seductive and draw the reader in. The rest continues the work. It stands up extremely well to rereading.