Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Mag 168 - Terminal Talk

Photo credit: Toga Gokbakar

Terminal Talk

I know you, mein Schatz …
You’re thinking of coffee.
Just smoke your cig, dear!
The stuff in the machines
Would rot a hole the size of
Hoboken in your belly.

How ‘bout we sit ?
No? We can’t sit? No?
These new rules are killers.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know!
You know, we should quit
But then what would we do?

We could hold hands?
You old billy goat, you!
I know you, Liebling …
Just smoke your cig, dear!
We’ll get coffee later,
If the bus isn’t too late. 

Tess challenges us to write to this old couple's snapshot ... others have posted on The Mag . Check it out ....


  1. cleverly sweet dialogue! Have a great day!

  2. "Schatz" und "Liebling"? Ein Wort: romantisch!

  3. What's this...Foreplay,geriatric German style?:)

  4. Kathe is right ... delicious sweet talk.

  5. I'd take holding hands rather than smoke, any day!